Children’s kitchen helper – Wooden triangles – Kitchen helper


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Your child likes to help in the kitchen and you wonder how to make it easier for him? We have the perfect product for every toddler who likes to assist their parent during cooking!

The kitchen helper presented here is the so-called a kitchen helper for a child. This term is used to describe furniture that allows a toddler to climb to the right height to have good access to the kitchen counter. This model is extremely effective in its role and can work well for small, several-month-old children as well as for several-year-old children. The design of this product deserves attention, because it is quite minimalist, but still not boring. There are triangular cutouts on the side of the product.

The safety of the youngest is most important to us, which is why this kitchen helper for a child has a top-level security in the form of a bar, so that the baby will not fall off inattentively, leaning back. The product is a great idea if you want to start cooking and make sure that your child does not hurt themselves during this time.

We know that babies grow fast, so in the case of furniture for the youngest you can face the same problem as in the case of clothes – the product may not be best suited to your height. For this reason, we decided to allow the rungs to be rearranged as needed. Thanks to this, you can change their height as the child grows.

Wooden kitchen helper – high-quality workmanship
Each child’s kitchen helper is made of high-quality wood – Finnish birch. That’s not all, because each product is unique in its own way. These include the shade and the distribution of the rings. Scandinavian design, on the other hand, makes all models available in our assortment universal in terms of appearance and will suit any kitchen.

We remind you that all products in our offer are made of 100% ecological and natural materials. We work because we love the environment and children! Remember that all furniture is made in our Polish carpentry shop, so when you buy from us, you support the domestic economy. We take care of every detail of our furniture. There is a reason why our assortment enjoys good opinions from customers.

Spending time with the child in the kitchen is a very good idea, because the toddler, watching the parent’s work, may later have a simpler approach to performing duties, cooking, etc. After all, it’s a lot of fun! In our assortment you will find high-class products that are appreciated by the most demanding people. Before shipping, each piece of furniture is professionally packed, so nothing will happen to it during transport. When you buy this wooden kitchen helper for a child, you can also count on free shipping to your home. If you have any questions, please contact us.

Height: 85cm
Width: 43cm
Depth: 45cm
The height of the step: 19 cm
Platform adjustment heights: 33.5 cm | 43.5 cm | 53.5 cm