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Handmade in our carpentry shop, the Misio children’s chair is the highest quality piece of furniture for a child’s room. The seat of the chair is varnished, while the legs and trim are made of beech wood. All materials are certified and safe for children. The chair in the shape of a teddy bear’s head will surely attract the attention of a toddler and will look great in a set with other children’s furniture. The chair is available in two sizes, so you can adjust its height to the child’s height: seat height: 25 or 30 cm; seat dimensions: 25×25 cm. The teddy bear-baby chair provides the toddler with stability and safety, and additionally impresses with its Scandinavian design.

White children’s highchair – a teddy bear to pair with the Oh Babe table
The Misio children’s chair is an example of a piece of furniture that perfectly fits the principles of our brand – it is made of the highest quality, natural materials and based on a minimalist and functional Scandinavian aesthetic. The white children’s chair can be used as a single piece of furniture or as part of a set with a table and other furniture from our assortment. The chair is manufactured in our workshop from beginning to end, so we are sure that the appropriate safety and quality standards have been met at every stage. The design of the Misio children’s chair is consistent with other products of our brand, which allows you to arrange the entire children’s room in a Scandinavian style. We make sure that Oh Babe furniture is made with due diligence – the same in the case of details. We want our products to be close to nature, which is why we use only natural raw materials, the quality of which has been confirmed by appropriate certificates. The gentle lines and minimalist design of our chair give it a characteristic shape that will delight every child. It is very important that the chair has the right height – the child should have a straight back, knees bent at right angles to the ground and elbows bent at right angles to the table. In addition, sitting on the seat and getting up from it should not be problematic for a toddler. Our Misio baby chair is suitable for 2-6 year old children. The simple structure of the chair means that it does not take up much space.

Closer to Scandinavian nature – the functional Misio children’s chair
A charming, white children’s chair is actually one of the basic pieces of furniture in a child’s room. It is thanks to him that a toddler can maintain the right posture while learning, playing and developing his creativity in a thousand ways. It is it that gives the child free access to the table where he can write, read, count, draw, arrange blocks or puzzles. In our online store, the Misio children’s chair is available at an attractive price. Parents praise our assortment for quality and Scandinavian design – check and decorate a toddler’s room using Oh Babe furniture!