Large children’s rocker 5in1 ROCKER – rocker, ladder, desk, slide and climbing wall


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If you are looking for an interesting gift for your child and you want a product that will not only entertain, but also contribute to the child’s development? We have something perfect for you!

The presented rocker is an interesting gift idea for every little child. The skids are very wide, so they can also act as barriers while playing, increasing the safety of the toddler. There are also handles that improve the comfort of play. They are ended with round holes on both sides – they can also act as handles, not only for the toddler, but also for the parent who is rocking it. The rims are a bit wider than the skids, which is important. Namely, even with a stronger swing of the toy, the wooden rocker for children will be stopped.

Why do children love this product so much? It’s good to know that the feeling of swinging or rocking is very close to a toddler, because it was a daily reality throughout pregnancy, when the toddler was in his mother’s belly, which is confirmed by experts’ opinions. For this reason, children love to spend time on the swing.

Of course, this 5-in-1 wooden baby rocker has more functions. First of all, you can make a ladder that will encourage your toddler to climb. Just put the product upside down! The rungs are not adjacent to each other, so this kind of play will not be difficult.

Additional features of the product include the possibility of creating a table, climbing wall or slide. When placing an order, you can get a tabletop that will be attached to the side of the product. A child can draw, eat or play in any way. This makes the wooden rocker for children a great solution for small children’s rooms, because in one place it can provide entertainment in three ways! The purchase of a climbing wall and a slide will transform a child’s room into a real playground.

Why is it worth choosing our wooden rocker? High quality and attractive price!
The baby rocker available in our store is made of high-quality wood – Finnish birch. The structure is durable, thanks to which the product can be used by, for example, two children. The model has a natural and universal color. Our entire range is made of 100% natural and ecological materials, because we care about the environment. Our rocker is a suitable proposition for caregivers who bring up the mentee in the Montessori trend.

Using a wooden baby rocker is a good development idea for a toddler. Why? While rocking, the little one must keep control of his balance. Thanks to this, he learns how to balance effectively, and you need to know that it requires the use of many muscle groups, which in turn strengthens the body structure. In addition, the attractiveness of the product means that the child will be often encouraged to spend time actively.

All orders placed in our store are carried out professionally. You can also count on free delivery to your home.

– dimensions: 44×110 cm

– material: Finnish birch

The delivery time is approximately 7 business days
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