Teepee children’s tent – TEEPEE – Cappuccino dots, certified cotton


Wake up your child’s imagination from an early age. Create their own space where they can discover the world and enjoy the fun.

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Do you want to find an interesting gift for your toddler that will give him a lot of fun? Then you are in the right place because the teepee tent for children is a lot of fun for every little one!

We offer a teepee tent for children in polka dots. It is a miniature and home version of the construction used by the Indians. The presented tent has a square base, while its walls are in the form of triangles. They are supported by sticks connected at the top of the product. The whole thing looks very aesthetically and it is not surprising, because both the structure itself and the fabric were created with attention to the smallest details.

The whole can be quickly assembled or disassembled. To create a structure, you just need to put wooden sticks through the tunnels, and then use a string to connect them and stabilize them. An additional advantage is sewing the tunnels at the entrance to the tent with tape, thanks to which the whole thing will stick well. The assembly will therefore take up to a few minutes.

Due to the very aesthetic design, a children’s teepee tent can not only be a practical gift, but also a decorative element for a toddler’s room.

Miniature teepee – a high-quality tent for children
The children’s teepee tent is made of high-quality materials. The fabric used in the production is ecological cotton with the OEKOTEX STANDARD 100 certificate, so there are no harmful substances in it, and the textiles can come into direct contact with the skin. It is no coincidence that our teepee tents receive good reviews! Our cotton is distinguished by durability, so the fabric can be washed many times without fear of damage. It is also very pleasant to the touch. The sticks themselves, on the other hand, were made of beech wood.

All materials from which we make our products are 100% ecological and natural. We care about the environment, which is why we are guided by quality in every case. You can count on free transport to your home. If you want, you will also find tipi in other colors.

Children’s teepee tent – why do children love it?
The teepee tent is very attractive to the child. First of all, it is a small space where the little one can enjoy complete privacy, because the entrance can be blocked. It is conducive to interesting fun and peace. What’s more, the child will use the product not only at home, but also in the garden or park. Often teepees also inspire to play with parents. It is very likely that the tent will also become a bedroom for stuffed animals, a lock, etc. With all this, there is nothing to prevent a child from taking a short afternoon nap in it. The presented price does not apply to the mat – it is sold separately.

Base dimensions: 100 x 100 cm
Length of the poles: 170 cm
Fabric material: eco-friendly cotton
Material of the sticks: beech wood